Quartz is found in abundance on earth is only second to water as the most common mineral on the planet. It is the fourth hardest material on Moh’s Hardness Scale behind diamond, topaz, and sapphire. These countertops contain an average 93-95% quartz with the balance composed of pigments and resins. Granite on the other hand may only contain 50%.

Our line of surfaces is ideally suited for countertops, vanities, bar tops, reception areas, conference rooms and many other surfaces throughout residential and commercial interiors. Our state of the art fabrication process of the slabs utilizes one of nature’s hardest materials, raw quartz crystals, with resins and pigmentation to produce an extremely durable and luxurious surface. The resulting slabs are non-porous and are nearly twice as strong as granite.

Our line of countertops come from two great manufactures: Hanstone Countertops & Caesarstone Countertops.