Why Stone Is The Best Option For You!

We will begin by helping you select either a Granite or Quartz color option depending on the colors and tones you are wanting, how busy a texture you prefer, and types of patterns you are interested in – you can read more information about the properties of each type of stone on the right hand side of this page!

We also include a FREE sink with all of our quotes for both Kitchen and Bathroom installs, and we can provide Faucets for you as well – see below for PDF scans of our sink brochure from Bristol Sinks – www.bristolsinks.com

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Stone is a 100% natural product and every slab has its own unique qualities and characteristics. These range from variances in porosity to natural pitting, to areas of crystal deposits embedded within the stone. As well, each stone has its unique lines of motion and patterns.

Stone is a common term that classifies: marbles, granite, slate, limestone, and soapstone. Stone is a natural solid formation of one or many minerals. Quarries are located all around the world. As these quarries are mined deeper, the appearances of colours and patterns and the quality of the stone slab can change. It is therefore recommended that all customers first view their slab at a stone distributor to reduce any disappointment with the overall look of their counter surface.

Quartz and Granite are perfectly adapted for any surface in your family’s home. These stones are resistant to moisture, scratches, stains and bacteria making them the most durable and hygienic materials on the market. Couple that with the beauty and elegance of these surfaces, they are the ideal choice for any room in your home.


If this is your first experience having Stone countertops, then it might be difficult to know how to maintain them on your own. It is for this reason we have created this free and easy “Granite & Quartz Care Guide.”
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Download a free PDF of all our edge profiles displayed on our site.
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After you have made the decision on whether  you want to have a quartz or granite countertop, the next important decision to make is what edge profile you want. We currently offer 7 common choices for edge profiles, as shown below.

Once you have made all of your selections and all the required paperwork is finalized we will book you an appointment for a laser Template measurement, and we will install your countertop 2-3 weeks after the Template!