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The short answer is no.

Granite is a 100% natural product and every slab has its own unique qualities and characteristics. You can think of granite the same way you think of a snowflake, no two slabs of granite are identical.

With this being said, any granite sample you choose to use for your countertop will look the way you imagined after it has been installed. It will have the same colours, unique lines of motion, and patterns.

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We will first meet and discuss your colours, styles, edge, profiles, etc. After these selections have been finalized we will send your granite or quartz to be templated. Installation will take place 2-3 weeks after templating has been complete.
Here at Sloan Stone Design we are a 100% digital shop. We template all designs using a laser to ensure a perfect design and use CNC machines to ensure a perfect cut every time. This process allows us to make sure that YOU are getting exactly what you asked for!
Of course!

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